Kibana 7.16.3 Pie Chart Hole Size

I just upgraded from Kibana 7.11 to 7.16.3 and something just doesn't look right to me when I look at my dashboards.
The size of the hole in the middle of my pie charts are causing me a ridiculous amount of unnatural stress. Is there any way I can control the size of the hole to make the pie chart look more like the pie chart of older versions?

sorry to cause you undue stress. we try to make these library changes seamless in the backend but occasionally one gets past us. you can disable this by turning on the legacy charting library visualization:visualize:legacyPieChartsLibrary in advanced settings. we've added support for the missing hole size in an upcoming release (8.1) and adjusted our migrations.

sorry about that

Stress in the modern sense of the word which really isn't stress at all.
I am just scratching the surface with your amazing products. Keep up the wonderful work!

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