How to index customized windows application logs to elatsicsearch using fluentd

I have configured Fluentd on windows server (WIN 2012) and trying to tail customized application logs (which is present in C:/opt/td-agent/application.log) to elastic search. Each time when i configure and start the agent i could see that "fluentd worker is now running worker=0" message in Kibana but not my application logs. config details given below, please help to fix the issue.


@type tail @id input_tail format none path /opt/td-agent/application.log pos_file /opt/td-agent/applog.pos tag

##output config path
<match *.**>
@type forward
@type elasticsearch
host elastic-search-hostname
port 9200
logstash_format false
include_timestamp true
index_name fluentd_server

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