How to insert simple text and logo for a dashboard?

I don't want to insert the logo and the name of the dashboard with markdown.
I want to enter them as a simple text and photo, not inside the markdown layout. is there any way to do it with json or maybe remove the layout of the markdown tile?

There is no explicit support for changing out the logo at this time - you'd have to modify the source.

hello, you have to clone from GitHub the correct version of your Kibana enviroenment and then you have to follow the instructions in the for installing the development enviroenment.

When you are done you can go to the folder
and put there your logo file.

After that you go to the file
and modify the line that refers to the logo file. Be careful that the reference it's NOT the full path to the logo file. Just change the name part of the reference.

Now you can test your logo opening the Kibana that it has been installed with the developer enviroenment. When you are satisfied you can build (compile) the modified version (follow the instructions in the file) and then you'll find your packages in the "target/" folder.
Choose the right one and put it in your production enviroenment.

Hope that this helps.

PS: you can do a lot of UI modification altering the proper files.

But i don't want to change the kibana logo, i want to upload a specific logo inside the dashboard and show the dashboard title but not inside markdown tile. So, when i have the embed dashboard the user can see the logo of that specific dashboard and the name of it. Don't you think it is necessary a feature like that?

No one has asked me personally for this feature, but if you think it's important, feel free to raise it as an enhancement request on Github:

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