How to install and run Watcher product on Windows 7 machine


(Rehan) #1

I've configured Logstash, Elastic and Kibana on windows machine and its running fine.
Now i like to setup alerting on specific field value to email me. I presume Watcher is use for alerting purpose.

Please advise how to install and configure Watcher on windows machine.

Thank you!

(Steve Kearns) #2

Hi Rehan,

I suggest starting with the Watcher Getting Started Guide as a first step. That should show you how to create Watches. Then you can read more about configuring actions.

Hope that helps!


(Rehan) #3

Thank you Steve for your prompt reply,

I read Watcher guide but steps to install Watch is for Linux. Not sure how to install Watcher on Windows 7 machine.

I've downloaded license and watcher product. which file and where should i keep and what is the install command for Watcher in windows.

Thank you!

(Mark Walkom) #4

It's the same commands whether you are on linux or windows.

The only thing is you need curl on windows if you want to interact with things like that, otherwise Sense! :slight_smile:

(system) #5