How to install APM agent on Kibana server?

Hi All,
Any documents on installing APM agent on Kibana node?
Followed the documentation, but am confused.
Which agent? Java?
How to set up the properties?

Any lead will be much appreciated.

Hi there,

If you are looking to instrument Kibana itself you can find the docs here:

Let me know if that works.

Howdy @AClerk, great to meet you. It's not 100% clear what you're trying to do.

Do you want to use an APM agent to instrument your Kibana instance?

Or do you want to use an APM agent to get data from your running applications to display in your Kibana instance?

I can't tell from your question which one you're trying to do. If you could help us out by clarifying we'll be better able to answer your question.

This is what I am trying to do.
Run APM agent on a Kibana instance and get the metrics.

Adding the following to config/kibana.yml should enable APM auto instrumentation: true
elastic.apm.serverUrl: '...'
elastic.apm.secretToken: '...'

Thanks @sqren
Is this documented anywhere? If yes, please share a URL.
I will test this and update with results.

Currently the only documentation is this. It's unfortunately outdated so I'd suggest you subscribe to this issue if you are interested

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