Can Kibana App be instrumented with APM?

Kibana is a nodejs app? Can Kibana App be instrumented with APM? Is it compiled with nodejs agent?

Absolutely. We intend to build this into Kibana at some point. But up until this point I have only hacked it in on a branch for testing purposes. You will need to require APM in serve.js before we register any routes and additionally in the browser.

Let me know if you would like a more detailed example and patch file. I don't think I still have that branch laying around, but I could put it together again.

How did the testing go? Were you able to answer questions like, from which kibana tab / who / when queries are submitted to Elastic?

To give you more background, I'm trying to gather insights on queries submitted from Kibana. I successfully created a query audit dashboard by using Elasticsearch's security audit log ( . But it's missing a crucial piece, which is query performance.

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