How to install elastic agent on remote machine out of docker container using fleet

Hi, i am currently running elasticsearch with kibana on a cloud server in a docker container and i want to use the fleetserver to enroll a elastic agent on a remote linux machine.
But when i am trying to setup a fleet server using the following command it suggests me:

sudo ./elastic-agent install \
  --fleet-server-es=http://localhost:9200 \
  --fleet-server-service-token=TOKEN \
  --fleet-server-policy=fleet-server-policy \

it trys to connect to http://localhost:9200. If i am trying to change the url to the external ip address of my server i am getting an error on the remote linux client when installing the elastic agent:

Error - failed version compatibility check with elasticsearch: tls: failed to verify certificate: x509: certificate is valid for, not x.x.x.x","ecs.version":"1.6.0"}

Does anyone know how to generate a new cert including the external ip?

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