How to install marvel 1.3.1 on ubuntu?


(Vikas Gopal) #1

Hi Experts,

I have an offline machine and i want to install marvel on it . Since I do not have internet so can someone guide me from where I can get marvel-1.3.1.tar as we are using ES1.7.1


(Mark Walkom) #2

I'd also encourage you to read the docs a bit more, a lot of the questions you ask can be answered by them :slight_smile:

(Vikas Gopal) #3

Thanks ,

So I was following this URL only but I am getting following error . I have pasted zip file onto the server and then I am firing
/es/bin$ ./plugin -i marvel -u file://home/apps/

-> Installing marvel...
Trying file://home/apps/
Failed: UnknownHostException[home]
Failed to install marvel, reason: failed to download out of all possible locations..., use --verbose to get detailed information

(Tim Sullivan) #4


/es/bin$ ./plugin -i marvel -u file:///home/apps/

I think you just needed an additional slash after file:. Two slashes for the file protocol (file://) and 1 slash to start the absolute path of your file (/home/apps/

(Vikas Gopal) #5

@tsullivan it worked for me Thank you

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