How to install the awsbeat

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Hi Dear Tech Team,

I need to get connected with my AWS account and get my infrastructure logs from AWS to ELK stack. I think so the AWSBeat can help me on this to get required logs.

I need you guys help and to install and configure the communities beats . and on which which we have to setup, and what is the communication model , How it will works.
Do i need install the awsbeat on my ELK server ?
Do i need to install awsbeat on my client
how it will connect my ELK to the AWS.

I go throug this url but there is no much detail to satisfied my questions.

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I have never seen this beat before and it does not seem to be maintained. When looking at the documentation it does seem more aimed at monitoring or gathering information about items on Amazons's web site than monitoring infrastructure. I am therefore not sure this is what you are looking for.

It may help someone provide you with suggestions if you tell us more about your requirements and exactly which services you are looking to gather data from.

(Shahid Chaudhary) #3

I have Install /Setup ELK on EC2 instance on single server.
I am monitoring all my rest of Ec2 instance different stats/metrics. Now i need to monitor my AWS server with ELK or i wanted to get the logs of my AWS service as below.
AWS CloudWatch
AWS Lambda
AWS ElasticBeanStalk.
I need your help how can i monitor all the above servers and get the logs in my ELK/Kibana Stack.

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