How to integrate elastic in my angular application with out i frame

I have developed one application for log analysis. I will collect all the logs through elastic,logstashand and logbeats. I am using angular8 for the front end. spring-boot as back end . As per my organization requirement, i should not expose kibana/elastic endpoint to the webclient. How ever i can communicate elastic/kibana through my web application(ie through my spring boot-not through iframe). web client to elastic communication will beas follows

webclient(angular based->webserver(springboot)->elastic (or kibana). provide is there any solution

I gone through different sites for help.Please guide me below points

1.Weather i can use elastic chart for my front end.I am planning to Include the elastic-charts library to my exsisting application and backend i will comunicate elastic through my spring-boot application. Is it very difficult?.if I am doing this weather I am violating the licence policy?


You can use it since it's apache 2 licensed. Is it difficult? It depends. It will take some time to build this kind of application, but it should be doable. When I built my first application of this kind, it was hard. the second was easier, and so on . So it's a question of experience.
Of course it will take much more time than just to use Kibana. Did you know that you can secure Kibana with Authentification?
This might satisfy your organization's requirements

Hope this helps,

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