How to integrate Kibana Dashboard in Kibana Plugin


I am having few dashboards created in Kibana. I want to export these dashboards to a custom plugin. How can this be done?


@vganjarem can you go into a bit more detail as to what you're trying to accomplish? Any dashboards and the visualizations that they are made from are going to be strongly bound to your data structure.


I completely agree that the visualizations will be tightly bound to the data structure. I am building an app/plugin, which is supposed to have multiple dashboards. Few dashboards will have a custom visualization (e.g. Bubble Chart) . Other dashboards will have kibana supported native layouts e.g. Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Area Graph etc. I want tp combine these two set of dashboard together in one plugin / app.

So the underline question is, while building the custom visualization (using plugin / app framework), is is possible to use the kibana supported native visualizations (e.g. pie chart, bar chart) in the plugin.


@vganjare so to reiterate to make sure I understand your issue... You want to consume Kibana visualizations in your custom plugin.

I am unfamiliar with how to accomplish this myself, but a member of our team suggested the following:

The best example they could look at is dashboard panels; assuming they want to consume saved visualizations.
If they want to consume our vis types they should checkout the wiki GitHub - spalger/kibana: Kibana.

Let me know if this helps!

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the documentation. Yes, I want to consume the Kibana visualization in my custom plugin.