How to integrate Kibana with different tools api?

I am trying to find out the best dashboard which is lucrative and insightsful. I found Kibana as an excellent choice. But I do not understand how it can be helpful to me in visualizing the data from the various analytics tools.
Say for example I am using Ahrefs[dot]com analytics API or semrush api for my website SEO analysis and wanted to show it on my own website, how I can use kibana to show it?

I have found Kibana, most of the time used for visualizing the data from the elasticsearch. What if I wanted to use it separately for my customized purpose? I know Kibana is open source , but how it can be used in my case without elasticsearch involvement?
Kindly help me. it is a bit urgent.

If you want to do that then you will need to build in the integrations yourself, it's not something that we offer sorry.

@warkolm Thank you for your reply. Can you let me know how is it possible to use Kibana without elasticsearch?
Is it possible that I use certain API response .. put it in Kibana and it will visualize? Can it be done.. How?

It's not possible without a lot of code changes as Kibana has been built only to talk to Elasticsearch.

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