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Hi All,

In our project, we have decided to use ELK for the distributed logging mechanism. Our project has its own UI. We dont want to have 2 UIs. One for kibana and other for project.

So I would like to know,

  1. if we can integrate kibana into our UI.
  2. After integrating kibana into UI, can we modify the look and feel.
  3. Can we write our own UI which can pick data from elasticsearch.
    Does Elasticsearch exposes APIs for the same.

hi @vinod_hy,

Here we go, 1, 2, 3:

  1. Kibana dashboards and visualizations can be embedded using iframes. Use the "share" button on the top right to get the code-snippet. Many users embed Kibana like that in their own applications.
  2. Some users indeed do this. They replace icons and images, and modify styling parameters. Sometimes people fork Kibana from github as well and make some more invasive changes.
  3. you could. the ES-API is REST-based, so you conceivably build your own app around that

@thomasneirynck .. Thanks a lot for the reply.

I have some doubts w.r.t point 1.
You have mentioned that we can embed dashboards and visualisations using iframes.

But if i also want the logs also to be viewed in another UI, i dont see "iframes" under "share" option of logs page.

How to embed logs from kibana into my own UI.
Please explain

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