How to join two index in kibana



i tried to join two index in kibana, but in visualization part it shows no data found.

can u please explain how to do this?

is there any other available or not?


POST /_aliases
"actions" : [
{ "add" : { "indices" : ["softwarelicenseinventory", "softwarelicensedetail"], "alias" : "availablelicensechart" } }

my join index in kibana

(Lukas Olson) #3

When you set up your index pattern, did you use the alias availablelicensechart? Do you have any filters applied (including the time range) that might be filtering out any data you have?

(Rijin) #4

If the two (softwarelicenseinventory", "softwarelicensedetail) indexes are available in kibana ,

then create a new index in kibana -> Management -> Index Pattern -> create new index

and name it " software* " ...

It will contain all documents of softwarelicenseinventory & softwarelicensedetail


there is no filter i used


I provided the alias name as index name

(Lukas Olson) #7

Does it show any data in Discover?

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