How to know the which Elastic node executing the API call with in the Elastic Cluster?

We have 3 node elastic cluster and all are master eligible nodes. We use bulk or index api to post the document via API. How to identify which elastic node executing the API with in the cluster..

Can you explain, why you would like to do that? I sense, that there is another question/problem hidden beneath of what you wrote.

Two reasons behind my questions:-

  1. Load Balancing works seamlessly between nodes
  2. Any failure on API call, want to log which node returning the failure response

Can you elaborate more on the first point please.

On the second, why does that help you?

On first point,
when I use common DNS name for the elastic cluster, not sure whether all the nodes are used equally. To test this, need to know which elastic node executing the API call with the cluster.

On second point,
If suppose the API call takes more time or timeout happen for some reason, I need to log which node is causing this behavior hence node info is vital to trace this.

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