How to let user choose time slot in shared dashboard?

Hi, I'm visualizing some data to some users in my intranet, where I do not need high-level security.
I only want my users to see Dashboard part in KIBANA but hide all other parts from them.
And I have tried to share a dashboard through iframe on a web page, but this can only share a "fixed" dashboard, which can not let users choose the time slot they want to view.
So can anyone give me a solution which meets my requirement?

Thank you!

You can use kibana time plugin as visualization to do so.

Thank you for your advice. I will have a try on it.
BTW, is this an official plug-in? Or a 3rd-party plug-in?

Its a third party plugin.

I'm following the guide on GitHub, but when I tried to install the plugin after git clone

cd KIBANA_HOME/plugins
git clone
cd KIBANA_HOME/plugins/kibana-time-plugin
bower install
vi kibana-time-plugin/package.js //set version to match kibana version

I can't run any command like bower.
Could you please tell me how to install it?

Thank you!

Hi, sorry to disturb.
Can you help me solve the plugin install problem?
Or do you know who should I ask the question?

Thank you!

Bower is a component by Node, so first you need to install node like
yum install nodejs npm in case you are using centos or RHEL

Then install bower as
npm install bower

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I wanna say thanks to you cuz you totally solved my problem!
It's a useful plugin for KIBANA

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