How to link two views in a dashboard?

I'm trying to link two elements from differents index.
I mean, If i have a dashboard with two views and i use a view filter in one of them. I would like to see the row with the same id in the other table.

I don't know if it's possible without create a new index.

For example:

I have the next two view. "contratos" and "entidades":

If I apply the filter "name=contrato1", I can't get the data from another view and I would have the rows with the same id (id=1).

The right table should be:


Thank you!

Hey @daniel.velasco sorry for the late reply.
Right know is not possible, or to say that in a different way, is not possible with your current configuration of data/indices.
Filtering in the way you are doing it means to search on every field an occurrence of contracto1, so if in your entidades you don't have any reference to the contracto1 it will not shows up as results. I can suggest you to add that reference to the entidades index so that you can easily search and filter these two indices.

Thanks i will try of this way.

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