How to login with Credentials In Kibana

Hi Team,

How to login with Credentials (Username/Pwd)In Kibana?
Can we use xpack security with basic/free license version?
I followed these instruction:

I am new on Elastic search & not sure what step we need to follow to use credentials on Kibana & Elastic Search.

Hi @Sharma3007,

Security is free to use under our basic license starting with versions 6.8 and 7.1. Configuring security is a very broad topic. Can you elaborate on the specific steps you need help with?

Ignoring Kibana for a minute, do you have Elasticsearch security setup yet? If not, I'd start here, and make sure Elasticsearch is configured correctly: This is the hardest step, as it requires configuring TLS and potentially generating certificates. The link explains how to do this, however.

Once Elasticsearch is configured, then we can configure Kibana for security as well.

Thanks @Larry_Gregory
Let me try to configure step by step.

I followed these step given in he below link:

But I am using window setup. Which is little confusing me.

Can anyone provide me the security steps for windows?
I found there are multiple .bat file in elastic bin folder.And I don't have any idea which we need to run.
I am using 7.0.1 version for elastic search.

To benefit from security being part of the basic license you need to switch to version 7.1.

Thanks Christian_Dahlqvist
IYes I am going to install elk 7.1.1 version for window.
Just confirm me which one is the better option for windows:
.zip or .msi

in the elastic docs the .msi is beta version as of now.

I do not use Windows so do not know which is better.

Hi Team,

Can anyone help me to implement security step for window Elastic Search?

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