How to look for substring pattern inside the JSON in Kibana

Have to look for the substring inside the JSON an example :

"parsedMessage": {
"attributes": {
"Reponse": {"fields":{"22":{"value":"812"},"48":{"value":"PRESENT:LENGTH:60"},"49":{"value":"784"},"50":{"value":"840"},"51":{"value":"986"},"10":{"value":"61112696"},"32":{"value":"017043"},"11":{"value":"497003"},"33":{"value":"004601"},"12":{"value":"155658"},"13":{"value":"1218"},"14":{"value":"2105"},"15":{"value":"1218"},"37":{"value":"935222078983"},"16":{"value":"1217"},"39":{"value":"05"}}

Now let say have to find the logs for which "39":{"value":"05"} string is present in the JSON body.


What happens if you look for "39":{"value":"05"} in search bar in discover?
Also where are you trying to do this?


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