Key value searching

Hello everyone.

I'm trying to find logs in Kibana which contain the key and value in the table's key, but don't know which syntax is correct for this search.


The table contains the key "body".

"body" is a JSON like {"id":"123123123","param":"abc"}.

I'm trying to find all logs which contain "param":"abc".

How should I do it properly?

Thanks :pray:

Hi @Katya,
im not sure where are you trying to find logs because in Kibana you can use different "languages" to query values.
You can try something like that:

body : '{"id":"123123123","param":"abc"}'

that is exacly what you are talking about.

I'm trying to find all logs which contain "param":"abc".

If you share some screens or information i can help you more.

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