How to make a table like Excel sheet with Kibana?

I apologize for my beginner question.
starting from "Discover" part of kibana, I could select some fields, filtering, ...etc, then I recorded the resultat of my research.
Now, I would like to show the result of my search in a table (like a simple excel sheet).
It seems easy as needed, but I do not find a way to do it in Kibana.

Would you have an idea?

Thanks in advance


The issue below would help your use case. It's currently aimed at Kibana 4.3.

Thanks Magnus ... I have already installed version 4.3 but I can not find how to export the result of a search in csv. I don't understand too rashidkpc response above "Now que le server is based nodejs it shoulds be fairly easy to add a route with a size parameter That has loads savedSearch object icts and export results to CSV" (

Version 4.3 is not yet available - the latest shipping version is 4.1.1.

Are you asking for a CSV export or a way to represent results in data table in the Kibana UI itself?

For building data tables in Kibana itself, you can do that both in Discover and in Visualize:

For CSV export, you can actually export result sets behind individual visualizations. This doesn't export all the raw data, just the summary responses, but may be sufficient for some use cases.

Thanks Tanya.
As summarized in the image below, I rather search a way to export my result above in a csv file (if we had more Pdf and Excel is even better).
Is there a way to make it in Kibana? ElasticSearch?

Yeah, export of data tables from Discover is still on the roadmap:

However, if you can create a useful summary of that data in Visualize, you can export that today:

I have installed Kibana 4.3.1. Can you please help in getting the export to CSV format from Discover or Visualization or Dashboard?

I am looking for an option to export all the fields in the search (in Discover tab ), not just the summary option. Is it possible in Kibana?

Hey Chinmoy,

You still can't export individual documents in a csv like how you see in Discover, however if you open up the spy panel, you shall see an export button at the bottom.

If you really want to just export documents or certain fields from documents, why don't you directly query ES?


We have written a chrome plugin, it injects the CSV export functionality in Kibana Discover tab. We know Kibana team is trying to solve this problem in a holistic way, so we thought this quick hack might help users like us. Let us know, what you think?

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PowerQuery allows import of query results directly into Excel. It is a plugin in earlier versions of Excel and part of the product now.

We have updated the CSV export plugin (v0.2) to work with Kibana 4.1.x

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I got a quick hack to this problem. I think there are better ways but for some quick exports of limited number of rows (<500).
You can just select whatever you see in the Discover tab.

It goes to the clipboard in csv format, so now when you paste it in MS Excel, it automatically formats it in seperate rows and columns.

Quick hack, but worked for me.

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You can use this chrome plugin to export the data:

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I totally missed the export button at the bottom of each visualization. As for read only access...Shield from Elastic search might be worth exploring. That's why am don't want to set the data like this here i prefer to export Qlikview
data through bi or try to use AWS for any kind of storage data

I have a search table added into a dashboard. Is it possible to export the contents in this search table from the dashboard view rather than going to Discover view to export the same.

To export data to csv/excel from Kibana follow the following steps:-

Click on Visualize Tab & select a visualization (if created). If not created create a visualziation.
Click on caret symbol (^) which is present at the bottom of the visualization.
Then you will get an option of Export:Raw Formatted as the bottom of the page.

By default settings are available in it.