Kibana 4.4 release date?


is there a release date set for kibana 4.4 yet? (or at least approximate)

We are really interested in the new functionality of downloading csv from the discover/search page.
(assuming is coming out in 4.4, which I thought it was).


Good news! That functionality is actually in the currently released 4.3.1 version. It's just a little tricky to find.

  1. When you're on the Discover tab with results
  2. Collapse the chart using the up arrow at the bottom center of the chart. This shows what I think is called the "spy" panel
  3. Use the scroll bar on the right edge of that spy panel to go to the bottom.
  4. Now you should see "Export: Raw Formatted"

Sorry, I might have misunderstood the exact csv you were looking for. If the 4.3.1 functionality isn't what you were looking for than this might be ?
That's not going to be in 4.4.0.

yep, that's what I was looking for.

Do you in which version of Kibana will it be? 5?

Can't say for sure. We're not putting target release labels on issues now but instead using a priority. It's a P2 so it's pretty high priority. But really can't say if it's going to make 5.0.

I won't count on it then.

But just found out excel can actually connect to ES directly, so I may get away with doing that for now.

Hi Issac,
That sounds like it could be a great solution. Would you mind pasting links or info about the Elasticsearch -> Excel integration you found here for others to find?


I actually found it here:

But will some info here.
It's using excel power query connecting to a web page:

I found this post (in German but the important bits should be understandable):

Haven't found any tutorial other than that one for elasticsearch, but as power query understand json. It should be relatively easy.
Haven't tried myself yet, but once I do, I'll post here if it requires more than the code shown in that blog post.