Kinana 4.2 Release Date


we are really interested in the new functionalities coming with kibana 4.2.
Is there a set release date?


Not yet, as we are still scoping the release. What features in particular are you interested in?

Download the data in csv form from a query is the main one.
Do you know if it's a matter of weeks or a matter of months?


Likely not a matter of weeks, as we just released 4.1 :frowning:

In the short term, it may make sense to look at other ways to export to CSV directly from Elasticsearch, such as this community plugin (I haven't tried it myself):

Logstash also has an Elasticsearch input and a CSV output, so you could probably also script something that way.

Not a problem then, we are using a django website to hold all the embedded kibana dashboards.
We'll just query elasticsearch directly and build a table from the output

thanks for the quick responses :slight_smile: