How to make kibana installed in windows see an elasticsearch instance installed in a centos vm(hartonworks sandbox)?

I've installed hortonworks sandbow 2.0 and then did install on it
elasticsearch 1.4.0.
Now I want to install Kibana BUT here is the issue :

the sandbox come as a terminal, and thus when I run ES, this is what
happens :

With that, I can't do anything else when the ES is running, because crtl+c
will stop it !

I found my self obliged to install Kibana in my windows machine and want to
make it see my ES instance.
I've changed the kibana.yml (added the es instance),added the vmware
machine ip in the system32../hosts , putted down the firewalls but
something is misssing since Kibana is not up !

Any help how to do?

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