How to make kibana UI Access secure with users with limited privileges

Hi Team,

How to make kibana UI Access secure with users/password with limited privileges in the basic license, like read-only access, full permission something like this, or any other suggestions?

Also, I have another problem, When I'm accessing kibana through IP:5601 on browsers on the local network it's opening without a password which is security concern but when I'm accessing it through publicly it's prompting for a password, is there way to restrict it with a password locally as well.
OS- Ubuntu 18.04 server.
Thanks for your help in advance.


You need to create users and grant them roles with access to specific privileges . You can follow the guide here for more information .

For your second q, what license level you are on - on your cluster. Security features have been included in the basic level license, but requires you to be on 6.8 and higher versions.


Thanks Rashmi for your response..I tired to check these settings but this security feature is not showing there,I'm not sure why..



I'm using basic license with 7.8.0..Can you help me here.

Hi Rashmi, I have figured it out how to create users/password in elastic search and now it's prompting for user name password for elastic search/kibana but I'm able to login elastic search but when I access KIbana UI by entering user name password it's says "Kibana not start yet".
But If I made to to false then it's url is working bt elastic search is not prompting for password. any idea?

Elastic search:

This is what I'm getting under the kibana server status...

@rashmi I have figured out this issue now. Thanks.

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