How to make these fields agrregators?

This is the field list in my index pattern. How to make these fields aggregators?

Hi @volcano,

Why do you need this? You cannot aggregate on text fields, that's why you have pairs of keyword fields that you're supposed to build your aggregations on. What I see at the screenshot looks normal and expected to me.


This is because I trying to plot a pie char in visualization and I dont see these text fields in aggregations > terms > field .

This is what I see :

Do you suggest to plot pie chart with the keyword fields then instead of text fields ? Is that correct ?

Yes, both are same. string will store in text and keyword format.
keyword format means if the text is having spaces it will store as different terms.
if you want only text as format u need to update the mappings of index

Yes, that's correct, you should\can use only *.keyword versions of the string fields in aggregations. And if you don't use full text search for these fields you may change your mapping to have only keyword type, read more here.


I am okay with this.
this is perfectly plotting the chart.
Thanks a lot.

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