How to manage multiple users with different indexes in kibana

Hello everyone. I have deployed ELK on a k8s cluster using ECK.
What i'm trying to do is to create for each kibana user a space for him and assign him a role where he can only see his own metrics( i'm using metricbeat ).

my question is if i have a lot of users do i need to create for each user a role with his own index ?
also when i log in as user i can't see the default dashboards like " Host Overview "

i'm really confused here any suggestion could help me a lot :smiley: .

Hey @alexander2,

If each user needs their own private space, then the only way to that is to create a role for each user with specific privileges to that space (and relevant indices).

If you have a lot of users to contend with, it might be beneficial to automate this process via Kibana's APIs. You could write a script/program to create these roles and spaces automatically:

hey @Larry_Gregory thank you for you response.

that method actually isn't really good for our purposes so we decided to go with creating kibana instance for each user.

thank you :smiley:

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