How to measure performance of kibana?

(Sunil Chaudhari) #1

I want to check how much time UI took to fetch records for the selected criteria.
Where can I see the response time? Does kibana or ES logs this time?


(Anh) #2

You can create a visualization that displays the data you want, and there is an upside arrow at the bottom of the visualization which you can click to reveal further info including:

  1. Raw data
  2. Request body
  3. Response body
  4. Statistics (which shows query and request duration you need)

(Sunil Chaudhari) #3

Thank you so much.

I got

Query Duration 645ms
Request Duration 1248ms
Hits 124821
Index "-"

Can you please explain teh difference in Query duration and request duration?


(Anh) #4

I think Query duration is the time it takes for the ES instance that executes the query to scatter the query to all ES nodes in the cluster and get the data back, e.g., gather all events within last 10 minutes.

Request duration is the time it takes for a full request to complete

 Request duration = Query duration + Aggregation duration

You can read more about it on (Coordinating node).

This is just my understanding, but @warkolm could give you an official definition.

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