How to merge all the values of a keyword to a single value and use it in controls visualization in logstash and elasticsearch

Hi all

I have one requirement for which i need one help from you all

In my elastic search i have a keyword as owner.keyword which is to be used as dynamic filter

Which i have completed using the controls visualization and the visualization looks like this now


but my client wants a new value in the owner keyword named as "All" ,
which when selected will select all the users at a time .

How to create and add that "All" into the owner.keyword.

Please help me on this.

That is not a logstash question. I suggest you move it to the kibana forum.

Hi ,

but can't we write any filter in logstash so that i can get the all value in the drop down menu.

I don't want the solution to be done only in Kibana,Is there any chance we can do it through logstash

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