How to perform user authentication, before going to kibana dashboad?

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I want to add user authentication using custom html page when someone hits the server on which kibana is running.

So when a person hits the server the first page should be the login page, then it will authenticate the user and then only the kibana home page should be displayed


X-pack => Security


Use Nginx in front to auth first. E.g.:

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Can you please tell me what exactly I have to do because I am very new to this tech.


I have had the same demand. After doing my research I found out, that there is no free solution. Just a paid one, that is a part of X-Pack.

So we solved this using firewall. That's why I cannot help you further with X-pack.


There are step by step guides, Googling ELK+nginx will provide good pointers.

For CentOs there’s nice guide at
Towards the end of this doc, they provide instructions for setting up Nginx.
They also have guides for Ubuntu.

Nginx can act as reverse proxy and prompts you to authenticate before passing the user to Kibana.

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