User authentication in kibana

I know there is the shield product which provides high levels of security for the ELK suite. I do not need that level of security for the environment. Are there any other options which I could implement to provide some basic layer have a user login into kibana. Any guidance which can be given will be greatly appreciated. THANKS!!!

Assuming you can lock down Elasticsearch access to certain hosts or network interfaces and that we're talking about Kibana 4 it's easy to put it behind a reverse proxy that authenticates all requests. Kibana 3 takes some more work but the reverse proxy approach works there too.

Yes it would be kibana 4. Any recommendations on how to se up a reverse proxy?

I don't have any particular recommendations, no. Any reverse proxy capable web server that also supports the authentication mechanism you want to use should do just fine. We use Apache and LDAP-backed basic authentication.