Kibana authentication

Hi all,
Lets say I want to use authentication with kibana but I don't want to encript or authenticate my elasticsearch cluster. How cant I do that?

I don't think you can as it would mean a big security issue having your password transiting in clear text between the machines.

But you can add a nginx reverse proxy may be on top of Kibana.

Why not using the good practices and secure correctly your cluster?

I mean I would like to use authentication in Kibana with tls and so, but by now I do not want to use authentication in elastic. I want to just secure the presentation layer

Is that posible?

I think it is possible.

You can place a proxy in front of Kibana to handle authentication. If that is all you want, then it's a pretty easy option.

Alternatively you could enable security on Elasticsearch and also enable anonymous access.

However, the idea that you want security in Kibana, but you want all your data in Elasticsearch to be wide open seems utterly bizarre.


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