Authenticate to Kibana without Elasticsearch?

Is it possible, somehow, to login/authenticate to Kibana with an external authentication method?
So there will be no changes to the elastic node/yml and other configuration files.
For example, authenticate to an active directory system or any third-party platform.
If it is possible, how?

The only thing I have seen would be a proxy like nginx. Why would you want this though?

security reasons. using Kibana on a few different domains, but with 1 centralised elasticsearch 'data lake'. So each user/user-group will need to authenticate against a different AD. And the native realm is less preferred in this case.

Any reference?

I am trying to convince it is impossible, or very complicated and not worth the effort. :slight_smile:

You can use different realms with the Security functionality, why not use that?

It will require 2 different domains to talk with each other.
There is no trust between these domains.

Then define them as separate realms, per that link?

yes, your solution is understood.
yet, I will have to configure elastic to integrate with an external authentication system (AD/LDAP), i.e. on a different domain.

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