Authenticate to Kibana Using Own AD

Hi Elastic Team,

We are currently authenticating on Kibana using NGINX reverse proxy. To avoid too much account to maintain, we would like to integrate our own AD on Kibana. Is it possible to do it without having the need to use x-pack? If yes, please help to shed some light on how it can be done.

Looking forward on your suggestions!

Thank you.

you could try to use
but i haven't used it myself yet so i can not help you with configuring it

Edit: Sorry i have read the docs and the AD/LDAP Auth is an Enterprise feature

Hi @Shaoranlaos,

Thanks for the suggestion. So enterprise feature meaning it has underlying cost? I was also able to reach Search Guard and looking on the documentation, no posting about pricing or maybe I just missed that out?

EDIT: Hah, checked on the main site and saw about the enterprise license requirement </3

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