Kibana 7.7 active directory authorization advise


Is there any free of charge solution to integrate Kibana with active directory? Or should I buy paid licence min. GOLD which supports: LDAP, PKI*, Active Directory authentication?
My cluster configuration is next: 3 nodes of Elasticsearch with Logstash, 1 node of Kibana.


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Hi @d.silwon,

I'm not sure if there are any other Elasticsearch plugins out there that support active directory, but you are correct -- active directory integration is currently part of the Gold subscription.


Someone told me about reverse proxy which should allows AD authentication to Kibana but I don't know if such solution can be used with Kibana in small company. Do you know it?


I do not know about the specific solution you're referring to, but it sounds like something that would be technically possible. For example, it's common for folks to use reverse proxies as a workaround for anonymous auth in Kibana, and you could probably use one to handle the active directory integration too, if using the official Elastic-provided solution isn't an option.

Thank you

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