Kibana integration with Active directory

I need to integrate MS AD with Kibana only and not with other products. After integration i will map the AD group and/or users to available x-pack roles.

Now, while going through the doc "" it talks about changes in elasticsearch.yml file, Are these correct steps or we have specific doc to integrate kibana with microsoft AD?

Authentication is handled by Elasticsearch, so that sounds correct.

Thanks @Christian_Dahlqvist. so that means i can keep local id's e.g. elastic, beats_System etc for internal rest call auth. and have AD users for Kibana access?

I will run through those steps and try to complete this.

You can use multiple realms.

Thanks @Christian_Dahlqvist, so in this case there will be chance of lockout i see in documentation which is agreed.

What is the best practises in this case to define the order? let say i am using native and AD, Does this make sense to use first as native and second ad?
Also, what is the lockout period for local user's? Can i set the lockout period for local users?

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