How to plot a graph using data from two filters?

I've two filters each of which gets data from a database query.

I wanna have a single visualization vertical bar which has data histograms monthly on X axis and for the Y-axis, I need to (count transfer failures from first filter)/(count all month transfers from 2nd filter).

Example suppose I have 40 total transfers in may 'getting from 2nd filter' and 10 transfer failures getting from 1st filter so the x axis should be May 2020 and y axis should be a point in (10/40 =.025)

I think there are two ways to achieve that, the first will be creating a new Kibana index that groups the two index, so you could use a typical bar visualization and filter the data; the second is using a Time Series Visual Builder visualization and using the "Filter Ratio" aggregation to get the results that you expect.

Hope it Helps

Thanks. I decided to go with the first option. I did add a filter to combine both filters, but I still can't find a way to count the faliure data monthly / divide the number on all the transfers for that month and visualize the results on the Y-axis.!

My bad, i misunderstood the first statement, definitely you should go with the TSVB on the new index, you could use the filter ratio or multiple metrics and a math metric. Example:

So, you use sum metrics instead of max.

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