How to populate the data from custom index to the default metric beat index dashboard

Hello All,

I am new to ELK stack. So if my question is not clear please ask I will try to elaborate.

I am working on ELK 7.8.0. I have a question here.

I have installed Metricbeat on the server and got lots of default dashboards ingested to my Kibana workspace.

I am trying to restructure my custom index pattern to the default Metricbeat index pattern.
So that the default [metric beat]dashboard identifies the custom indices data and populate visualization.

Now my question is
1)how to restructure the custom index pattern to default index and
2)how to populate the data from the custom index to the default index dashboard.

I'm sending logs to Logstash not directly to Elasticsearch, creating an index name "test-metric"

Thanks in advance for the help.


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