How to provide custom start_date and time to rollup job’s indexer at rollup job’s creation time

Hey all,

  1. On our ES cluster we do create daily indices with index-pattern like this => "index-20200101" and now we want to rollup documents from those indices with 1-day interval.
  2. But we don't want to rollup data from all the indices blindly, we want to start rolling up data after some specific day / after some specific index.
    for example :
    say we have indices from index-20190101, index-20190102, ....., index-20200817 and now if we start the rollup job with index pattern => "index-*" , then it will start rolling up data from "index-20190101" but we don't want to rollup the data from year 2019, we want to start rolling-up data from year 2020 (at the same time we don't want to delete those indices from year 2019). So in this case we want to start rolling up data from index "index-20200101"
  3. I checked the rollup job documentation and did some digging, but didn't find anything useful, so is there any way to do this? any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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