Will Rollup job run on older data?

  • I have an index called data-2020 in my current cluster which has daily data

  • I have a Rollup job which searches on index pattern data-*

  • I have the job running and it has been adding data to index "rollup-data" so far(Feb 25th, 2020) every day

  • In a different cluster, I have another index with older data, called data-2019

  • If now I reindex data-2019 index to the new cluster with the original timestamps from 2019, will my Rollup job pull in data from the old index as well? OR will it look for newer data from where it is left off (Feb 25th)

  • Both data-2019 and data-2020 has same template and similar fields.

Just an update. The rollup job did not pick up the old data. So my only option now is to delete the job and index and run it once more from the beginning.

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