How to quickly determine the % of growth over time by index type / is it possible to do aggregations in sense against the _cat API?


We've run into a scenario where our data disk space usage has increased drastically in a short period of time. We've determined that the increase is due to data we're indexing (the pattern and trend for by node is inversely correlated with the by node). We'd like to be able to quickly determine the % of growth over time by index type. So, let's say we have these indices per day:

. . .

I'd like to be able to get the sum of the by index type (so would need to be able to specify indexname="IndexA*" (to get for all dates) over time. What would be the best way to do that?

I tested to see if I could do an agg on the _cat API with the below -- not knowing ahead of time if it was even possible -- but got "IndexMissingException[[_cat] missing]"
GET _cat/indices
"aggs": {
"biggest_indices": {
"max": {
"field": "store.size"

I also tried in Kibana, but do not see a way to make that work. We got close to what we want with the below, but, again, we'd would like it by <index*> instead of by node:

"type": "line",
"params": {
"shareYAxis": true,
"addTooltip": true,
"addLegend": true,
"showCircles": true,
"smoothLines": false,
"interpolate": "linear",
"scale": "linear",
"drawLinesBetweenPoints": true,
"radiusRatio": 9,
"times": [],
"addTimeMarker": false,
"defaultYExtents": false,
"setYExtents": false,
"yAxis": {}
"aggs": [
"id": "1",
"type": "avg",
"schema": "metric",
"params": {
"field": ""
"id": "2",
"type": "date_histogram",
"schema": "segment",
"params": {
"field": "@timestamp",
"interval": "m",
"customInterval": "2h",
"min_doc_count": 1,
"extended_bounds": {}
"id": "3",
"type": "terms",
"schema": "group",
"params": {
"field": "",
"size": 15,
"order": "desc",
"orderBy": "1"
"listeners": {}

Any ideas?

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