How to read a user cookie from Custom Realm plugin

Hi folks,

In our solution we are trying to insert a button that redirect to Kibana with the user already logged.

We created a "custom realm" plugin as our unique auth provider to give Kibana access for final users of our solution.

At the moment the users need to insert the username and password in Kibana login page, but as they are already logged in our solution, so we are trying to access the session cookie of my app and make transparent, without login page.

We tried use requestHeadersWhitelist but can't read user cookie.

Anyone know that it is possible?

As a second tentative, we tryed unsuccessful make the button to post an fixed username and the cookie value as password.

Hi @wsbr Welcome to the community... Looks like you solved your issue.

It would possibly help other community members if you could show / reference what your solution was.

We put a nginx reverse proxy in front of kibana server, using this solution

Now our custom realm plugin can access our token cookie, that is not and oAuth protocol.

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