Custom realm authentication with request/query params and not custom headers

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Hi All,
I have a webapp in Java which supports OAuth authentication and authorization. I want to use the same authentication mechanism in Elasticsearch. To achieve this, I used some custom headers such as Tenant and AccessToken and tested it and ES + Kibana worked well. The testing was done via modheader plugin in Chrome wherein I was passing the headers and tested the same. However now I want to integrate with my java webapp so that I can redirect from the webapp to Kibana passing the headers. Howevers this is not possible as suggested here Redirection with custom headers . To do the same, is it possible to use request or query params for authentication in the custom realm instead of request headers ?


Unable to redirect to Kibana from webapp inside IFrame
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The full description of the issue and solution that I tried via nginx reverse proxy is asked here Kibana redirection to login . Any help is appreciated ..

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