Kibana 7.10: how can I pass a custom parameter/header in response.redirect


 I am trying to use redirect method as below,

const urlToADashboard = core.http.basePath.prepend(/app/dashboards#/list);

response.redirected({ headers: { location: urlToADashboard,authorization:authorizParams } });

redirection to dashboard list happens but authorization:authorizParams gets missed the kibanaresponse object does not have default authorisation header.

prior to new kibana platform we were passing the auth headers using request.headers.authorization in redirect call, where as now its using kibanaresponse and I could not find a way to pass auth headers, can someone please suggest how to do it?


I am also looking for a similar solution.. needed a way to pass our own custom headers in the redirect logic to elasticsearch. It was possible earlier. Is this not support ed now?

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