How to add custom query parameter to all kibana urls?

Hi Team,

We have kibana dashboard behind a proxy. Our proxy requires one query parameter to be added to each url otherwise it doesnot pass the request. Something like this:


Kibana dashboard have lots of sub urls eg javascript, css etc.

We can request dashboard via this query parameter which proxy passess. But proxy service wont allow to pass other kibana sub-urls ( urls of js, css etc). since they dont have similar "KEY=VALUE" query parameter.

Is there is a way by which we can add our "KEY=SECRET_VALUE" to all sub-urls and api urls ?

Hi @Mohit_Sharma_IITK,

There is no way to provide custom queries in URL, but as a workaround, you can set custom headers, more details here

By using server.customResponseHeaders you can set your KEY: SECRET_VALUE on all responses to the client from the Kibana server


@Dzmitry Thank you for the quick reply.

Our Proxy service can accept custom headers also. Is there a way by which we can add "KEY: SECRET_VALUE" in all requests instead of response. Something like:


We want these headers to be included in each request.


If you are sending the request directly to Kibana, where does the proxy you created come in action?

Could you explain what the goal is you are trying to achieve? Is it authentication headers? Should it come to ElasticSearch instance?

Regards, Dzmitry

Hi Dzmitry

Our reverse-proxy nginx service is sitting infront of Kibana. So, any request from browser first goes to our reverse-proxy service in middle then that service passes request to Kibana server.
But this reverse-proxy service have implemented an authentication mechanism saying each request need to have one of these

  • KEY=VALUE as query parameter in each request
  • KEY: VALUE as headers in each request

Since js, css etc. are generated without KEY=VALUE query parameter, http request are send directly from browser without KEY=VALUE query parameter and our reverse-proxy service blocks them.

Since Browser itself calls css/js request, its not possible to add headers in them.

Consider it similar to kibana setting of "server.customResponseHeaders". Something like "server.customResquestQueryparam".

So Is there anyway by which can generated js/css and data calls url with KEY=VALUE query parameter ? Can you suggest me some plugin (if any) or some direction if its possible via plugin ?

Hi @Mohit_Sharma_IITK

Thank you for providing the details. Kibana does not have anything like that in place yet to solve your need.

Regards, Dzmitry

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