Set kibana.defaultAppID to allow ?embed=true

I was able to get add kibana.defaultAppID: "dashboard/default" so that upon logging into my it goes right to my default dashboard how ever I see no abilities to add that I want that dashboard embed=true.

I tried kibana.defaultAppID: "dashboard/default?embed=true" and that just errors saying dashboard not found.
My dashboards all have markdown Navigation links to dashboards all with ?embed=true so I really want to get the dashboard to load with this snippet.

Would there be another way to have that Snippet added by editing a index in kibana?

Hi @Dallas_Toth,

thx for your question.

the kibana.defaultAppId is not a URL-part, but an ID for one of the applications inside Kibana. For example, 'dashboard', 'discover', ... This id does match the last directory of the path, but does not take into account any tagged on query-parameters.

What you are looking for is an auto-redirect and inject query-parametres (embed=true). My recommendation would be to use a reverse proxy of some sorts. Whatever web-server platform you use (e.g. Apache server, nginx, IIS, ...), they all have means to configure a proxy-pass a http-redirect to a new URL, which in your case would be something like .../dashboard?embed=true).

If you want Kibana to have this proxy-pass functionality built-in including the ability to add default query-parameters on page load), this would be a new feature request. I would submit that here:

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