Forcing a Default Dashboard

Curious how I can force a dashboard to appear as default when a user logs in. Currently, they have to go to the DASHBOARD section and select one but I want them to get one of my choosing the moment they log in. Thank you.


Which version of the stack you are on?

We have this option right now -

`kibana.defaultAppId:` **deprecated**  This setting is deprecated and will get removed in Kibana 8.0. Please use the  `defaultRoute`  advanced setting instead. The default application to load.  **Default:  `"home"`**

Does that help?


Hi Bhavyarm
Thank you for the suggestion but I dont think thats quite it - it seems a bit global. Each user has a different "Space" when they log in and should see a different default dashboard at that point.


yes that is global and your dashboards are unique to your space. So if you specify default app id as dashboard - when the user logs in - user will dashboards which exist in their space.


Thank you bhavyarm and sorry for the stupid question but which is the "app id" and where do I specify it?


No stupid questions :slight_smile:

So you can set kibana.defaultAppId to dashboards in your kibana.yml. And yes it is global but will help your users to see dashboard first when they login in their space.

Hope it helps

So I think i understand that I just enter:

kibana.defaultAppId: "dashboard/id_of_one_of_a_dashboard"

in the kibana yml and restart. But what I dont understand is...if there are multiple users and each have their own default login dashboard then how does that work when the "kibana.defaultAppId" parameter only defines one default dashboard?

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