How to set a dashboard as default in Kibana 4.2?


I could do this with Kibana 4.1, but after upgrading to 4.2, the setting no longer works.

Old config: defaultAppID: "dashboard/Default"
New config: kibana.defaultAppID: "dashboard/Default"

Any help is appreciated.

This feature was inadvertently removed during the 4.2 server rewrite and was supposed to be put back in before GA, but somehow slipped through the cracks. We're back porting it in (it currently works in master), and it will be available in 4.2.1:

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Thanks a lot, and btw is it possible to set a view as default?

What do you mean by "a view"? A specific dashboard?

Sorry, I was asking about setting a saved search as default with all selected column/fields in Discover.

You can't set that as a default automatically redirect to on logic. You can always simply provide a more specific URI to the user to access though: http://localhost:5601/app/kibana#/discover/my_saved_search


I'm trying to get dashboard being load as default app in Kibana 4.
People around advised to add the following configuration:
default_app_id: "dashboard/Default"
kibana.defaultAppId: "dashboard/all.dashboard"
into kibana/config/kibana.yml
However, I can't find access yo yhis file in ES Cloud.

Are you aware of any way to perform this?

Thank you

You might want to start your own thread on this in the Cloud channel:

Thank you, Tanya