How to take Dashboard user to the default dashboard

(Sunil Chaudhari) #1

I have dashboard only user. How can I take him to the default dashboard defined in kibana.yml?
I don't want to show him the dashboard search screen.


(Tim Sullivan) #2

The only way to set a dashboard as any kind of default is to set the ID of the dashboard as Kibana's default app.


kibana.defaultAppId: dashboard/e689fa70-5535-11e8-84f5-81ea0bee2f71

I'm looking this up in 6.2.4, the current latest version, and it looks like when you log in with a dashboard-only user, it doesn't respect the kibana.defaultAppId setting, which it should if the defaultAppId is dashboard/some_id

(Tim Sullivan) #3

Filed a bug:

(system) #4

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