kibana.defaultAppId for user "kibana_dashboard_only_user"

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Hi All,

I have setup default dashboard page (post login) for my admin user, using below mentioned config set in kibana.yml file:
kibana.defaultAppId: "dashboard/id_of_one_of_my_dashboards".

It works completely fine with admin user (elastic user). But when I login to my another user which is "kibana _dashboard_only_user", I still end up getting list of dashboards instead of the default dashboard I have set in kibana.yml file.

Can someone please suggest what other changes I need to do in order to get the set default dashboard for "kibana_dashboard_only_user" as well.


(Stacey Gammon) #2

Thanks for pointing this out - this is a legit bug. Dashboard only mode doesn't do anything with defaultAppId because there is only one app that will be displayed - dashboard. We failed to realize that some users can also use that variable to open up a specific dashboard by default.

I filed this internally as a bug so we can track it and hopefully get a fix out for the next release.

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Thanks for your reply Stacey.
Hopefully fix will come out soon.

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